Gypsum-like stone plates - ALASKA

Alaska rock-like tiles are an ideal solution for those who like cosy and warm room arrangement, ideally coexisting with the beauty of a rising and setting sun. Alaska tiles are an excellent choice for spaces characterised by varied styles and they are eagerly used by architects in interiors which require illuminating and creating the right mood. They can be used to decorate a fireplace, entire walls or to create small accents complementing the interior. The handmade discolouration and unusual structure add a realistic impression to the stone.

package weight:

tiles: 0,4 m2 (10 szt.) 7,9 kg

corner: 1 m.b. (10 szt.) 7,9 kg

tile width: 400mm

tile height: 100mm

tile thickness: 27-29mm

corner width: 300+100mm

corner height: 100mm

corner thickness: 27-29mm





ecological product


handmade product