Concrete-like stone plates - AMSTERDAM

Amsterdam realistically resembles the aesthetic of a hand-formed brick. The style features rock-like tiles with indoor and outdoor use in mind. The tiles are excellent as a contrasting element of bright or dark elevation because they are available in three colours – from white, through gray to dark graphite. Thanks to their timeless form, they look great in both modern and traditional settings. The particularly raw character and minimalistic texture of the tiles are highlighted by the clear seam of the rock which creates a truly original design. By using the tiles with a brick-like look, we can decorate rooms, but also establish zones within them, especially in the spacious interiors which combine multiple functions.

package weight:

tiles: 0,49 / 0,59 m2 (36 pcs.) 11kg

corner: 1,35 m.b. (18 pcs.) 9kg

tile width: 210mm

tile height: 65mm

tile thickness: 12-16mm

corner width: 196+86mm

corner height: 65mm

corner thickness: 12-16mm


inward and outward




ecological product


handmade product