Gypsum-like stone plates - ETNA one

Etna One is an imitation of a concrete plate, which is increasingly common in the design and arrangement of modern interiors. It introduces an ascetic and industrial character to a room, and it is also a worthy addition to minimalistic interiors. Concrete allows for huge arrangement possibilities. Rectangular elements have a subtly furrowed surface, only discreetly differentiating the compact face of the stone. The tiles are an excellent addition for the enthusiasts of minimalism and post-modernity. A wall which is subtly covered by concrete tiles combines perfectly with modern furniture and details inspired by the areas of old factories or workshops. Another benefit of gypsum tiles which resemble concrete is much easier installation due to their weight – they are much lighter than typical concrete used in architecture.

package weight:

tiles: 0,9 m2 (5 pcs) 12,5 kg

tile width: 598mm

tile height: 298mm

tile thickness: 11mm

Model 02

width: 600mm

height: 400mm

thickness: 17mm (+/-2)

qty in package: 0,48m2 (2 pcs)

weight: 8 kg

etna gray




ecological product


handmade product