Gypsum-like stone plates - LOFT

Loft are rock-like tiles imitating white and gray bricks. They are produced in a non-grout system, which greatly increases the comfort of their instalment. Industrial interiors have been very popular in the angling industry for several years. The imitation of a brick with grout changes the atmosphere of a flat to one with a metropolitan character. It introduces elegance to a given space and optically increases the size even of a small room. Brick is a relatively versatile material and its imitation suits Scandinavian and modern arrangements, as well as warm and classic styles. White brick can serve as a foreground element of interior finish or as a background for other elements. The gray brick is an ideal choice as an addition to furniture or fabrics with interesting colours, introducing an ascetic and industrial feel. Walls decorated with bricks are a timeless and universal complement to a stylish interior.

package weight:

tiles: 0,5 m2 (30 pcs) 9,6 kg

corner: 1,5 m.b. (20 pcs) 8 kg

tile width: 225mm

tile height: 78mm

tile thickness: 22mm

corner width: 200+90mm

corner height: 78mm

corner thickness: 22mm




ecological product


handmade product