Gypsum-like stone plates - MADERA

Madera are gypsum rock-like tiles, inspired by the volcanic island of eternal spring. This theme is an excellent choice for a living room, a kitchen or even a bedroom. The clear texture creates an amazingly natural look. It allows for a total rearrangement of a room, adds elegance to a place and is very impressive. The use of tiles on large surfaces increases the decorative values of a place, creating an incredibly beautiful rock wall. The irregular surface and white colour create a warm and cosy atmosphere in a room. The use of additional lighting further enriches the look, highlighting the irregular texture and the unique character of the wall.

package weight:

tiles: 0,56 m2 (14 pcs.) 7,9kg

corner: 1,4 m.b. (14 pcs.) 7,8kg

tile width: 400mm

tile height: 100mm

tile thickness: 20mm

corner width: 300+100mm

corner height: 100mm

corner thickness: 20mm





handmade product


ecological product