Concrete-like stone plates - NEPAL

Nepal are concrete tiles which are ideal for outdoor elevation because they are resistant to frost and very durable. Thanks to their colour and interesting texture, they serve well as outdoor decorations for both non-traditional arrangements, as well as classic ones, creating a unique atmosphere of every home. The structure of the stone is composed of an interesting arrangement of polished slate and combines well with “cold” materials, such as glass and metal. The tiles are also a good choice for interiors, creating a unique atmosphere, surprising everyone with their originality and freshness.

package weight:

tiles: 0,48 m2 (6 pcs)11,7kg

corner: 0,87 m.b. (6 pcs) 11,7kg

tile width: 550mm

tile height: 145mm

tile thickness: 14-26mm

corner width: 340+155mm

corner height: 145mm

corner thickness: 14-26mm


inward and outward


ecological product


handmade product