Gypsum-like stone plates - ROMA

Roma is a gypsum tile in a neutral colour, with an irregular rocky structure. The collection is inspired by Italy – the amazing beauty of renaissance architecture and the secluded streets remembering the centuries-old history of the ancient Empire. It has a universal shape which refers to the fine traditions of European architecture. The combination of cream with darker accents reminds of a cheerful game of chiaroscuro and the product looks intriguing at every time of day.

package weight:

tiles: 0,67 m2 (9 pcs) 13,1 kg

corner: 1,35 m.b. (9 pcs) 13,1 kg

tile width: 500mm

tile height: 150mm

tile thickness: 25-27mm

corner width: 400+100mm

corner height: 150mm

corner thickness: 25-27mm





ecological product


handmade product