Gypsum-like stone plates - SOLLER

Soller are gypsum rock-like tiles with the colour and structure that are close to naturally occurring limestone, typical for Spanish islands. They introduce delicate warmth to a modern interior, a Mediterranean note, and they make it possible to strongly highlight the representative parts of a room. They also add a touch of mystery. Their unusual look can be used to create varied architectural styles, regardless if it is a dining room, an office or a living room. The decorative stone placed on a wall looks luxurious and beautiful, and it adds character even to a simple room.

package weight:

tiles: 0,52 m2 (7 pcs) 9,8 kg

corner: 1,05 m.b. (7 pcs) 9,8 kg

tile width: 500mm

tile height: 150mm

tile thickness: 25-27mm

corner width: 400+100mm

corner height: 150mm

corner thickness: 25-27mm




ecological product


handmade product