Gypsum-like stone plates - STILO

Stilo is characterised by an authentic look of the rock-like tiles thanks to the use of natural aggregates and dyes and a demanding process of manual processing. It is extremely popular mainly due to its original structure. Our decorative tiles introduce the beauty and texture of natural stone to a house. The product features a bright colour thanks to which it fits other details of interior design in classic, rustic and modern arrangements. The creative use of the decorative tiles to cover a wall is an excellent way to complement any room. The tiles will surely prove to be interesting for the enthusiasts of delicate and noble arrangements.

package weight:

tiles: 0,56 m2 (14 pcs.) 7kg

corner: 1,4 m.b. (14 pcs.) 7kg

tile width: 400mm

tile height: 100mm

tile thickness: 15-20mm

corner width: 300+100mm

corner height: 100mm

corner thickness: 15-20mm




handmade product


ecological product