Concrete-like stone plates - TOSCANA

Toscana are rock-like tiles, inspired by the architecture of the sunny streets of wonderful Italian cities. They enrich every space with beautiful warmth, so characteristic of Mediterranean architecture. They can be used to introduce pleasant warmth to such interiors as living rooms or kitchens, but also to outdoor areas of the home, creating an image straight from the streets of Tuscany. The tiles are of unique irregular rock structure and neutral colour. Additionally, the tiles do not require grout, as they are created with original grout, which greatly facilitates installation. Warm colours make the interiors and elevation friendlier and family-like with a modern character.

package weight:

tiles: 0,47 m2(32 pcs.) 15kg

corner: 0,84 m.b. (14 pcs.) 10,8kg

tile width: 215-275mm

tile height: 60mm

tile thickness: 8-28mm

corner width: 260-92mm

corner height: 60mm

corner thickness: 8-28mm



inward and outward


ecological product


handmade product