Gypsum-like stone plates - VENEZIA

Venezia is a very modern and interesting design with a sunny combination of colours. It is inspired by the texture of natural stone and introduces a venetian look. The diversified arrangement creates a dynamic composition, leading to an interesting and unorthodox style. With properly adjusted lighting, the stone creates an extraordinary “theatre” of illumination, enriching every interior. With their specific image imitating stone blocks with clearly cut edges, Venezia tiles are an excellent complement to a modern interior in which the texture of the rock-like tiles is highlighted by other elements of the room’s design.

package weight:

tiles: 0,42 m2 (12 pcs) 8,6 kg

corner: 0,9 m.b. (12 pcs) 8,6 kg

tile width: 400mm

tile height: 100mm

tile thickness: 25-27mm

corner width: 300+100mm

corner height: 100mm

corner thickness: 25-27mm




ecological product


handmade product